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Start your defense with professional team of your Lawyer and Legal Rehab expert.

The revolutionary system for your reinstatement in an environment of the most complex legal incidents and crises.

It is based on the fundamental innovations of modern neuroscience, the high level of experience of our specialists and latest analytical technologies and cognitive rehabilitation.

  • Legal Incident WHAT IS IT? ---
    An episode in the life, in which a person comes into contact with judicial and law enforcement systems in different cases, which pose a threat to mental and physical health and social, as well as social status.
  • Legal incident What makes it dangerous?
    In addition to economic and legal implications of legal incidents, you can become a hostage to your fears and stress (sometimes these implications may be larger influenced by person’s environment). Overcoming adverse consequences of legal incidents may become a great school of life and platform for your movement even higher, but it may deplete your powers and turn into an imposition or cause mental disturbances and some severe physical symptoms.
  • Legal incident WHAT TO DO?
    You have to stay in your good physical and emotional state. It is necessary to have precise information. It is necessary to be prepared for any and every eventuality. You need reliable professionals.
    For you and your relatives. For your friends. For your lawyer. For Inner Circle.
  • LEGAL REHAB What is proposed?
    An intellectual platform for accompaniment of legal incidents and crisis situations.
  • LEGAL REHAB What is included?
    Social Stress Consulting brings together the systematic analysis of the situation, development of the Roadmap and cognitive restorative approaches.
  • LEGAL REHAB Additional opportunities
    Social Stress Consulting. Business & Family Mediation. Clinical Consulting. Problem Solving. Troubleshooting.
  • LEGAL REHAB What does it give you?
    LEGAL REHAB enhance the quality of life. Protects from pressing and manipulations. Helps to find new solutions and new opportunities. It increases resistance to stress. Creates new possibilities, strategies and action plans.
  • LEGAL REHAB Obvious benefits
    Integrated approach. Timing. Focus on achieving maximum results. Independence and confidentiality. Innovative approaches and latest technologies.
  • LEGAL REHAB When will it be most effective?
    LEGAL REHAB Module can quickly and effectively connect to any stage of Legal Incident. In the beginning – it reduces the shock effect from unexpectedness and helps to build the first line of defense. During the investigation – it neutralizes the pressing and manipulations. Our specialists take part in the development of defense strategies together with your attorney. Restore and stabilize your internal resources. During the court proceedings – we prepare and help with your personal training for own defense and decisive action. At the last phase – our rehabilitation specialists will restore your force after trials conquered promptly and effectively to make you stronger and more successful.
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